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Minister: Germany to go nuke free by 2022 PDF Print E-mail
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Saturday, 07 July 2007 09:54
(CNN) — Germany’s ruling coalition has agreed to shut down all of the nation’s nuclear power plants by 2022.

Minister of Ecology Norbert Roettgen of the Christian Democratic Union party made the announcement early Monday after negotiations with coalition partner, the Liberal Party, which had been opposed to setting a date for decommissioning the nuclear facilities.

Opposition parties have long supported shuttering nuclear energy in Germany.

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push for cease-fire PDF Print E-mail
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Saturday, 07 July 2007 09:54
Tripoli, Libya (CNN) — South African President Jacob Zuma will push for a cease-fire between Moammar Gadhafi’s forces and rebel fighters when he meets Monday with the embattled Libyan dictator, officials said.

It is Zuma’s second visit to Tripoli to try to mediate an end to the fighting that began more than three months ago when Gadhafi dug in his heels against popular efforts to bring about an end to his 42-year-rule.

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Mubarak denies ordering Egyptian PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 20 August 2008 10:11
Cairo, Egypt (CNN) — Ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is “very sad and sorry” that he is accused of ordering that live ammunition be fired on protesters, but he has no regrets, his lawyer told CNN Sunday.

The former leader is in “very bad health,” suffering from a serious heart problem and a resurgence of colon cancer, attorney Farid El Deeb said.

“He doesn’t watch TV or anything else,” El Deeb said in his first interview since the Mubarak family hired him in April. “They ban him from doing so to avoid more psychological pain. He speaks very little and suppresses a lot of his pain.”

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Bin Hammam and Warner suspended PDF Print E-mail
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Saturday, 07 July 2007 09:54
(CNN) — World football’s governing body FIFA have confirmed that vice-president Jack Warner and executive committee member Mohamed bin Hammam have been provisionally suspended by the organization with immediate effect.

The announcement follows an enquiry by FIFA’s Ethics Committee, after alleged violations of the FIFA Code of Ethics linked to the upcoming FIFA presidential election.

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Egypt accuses Iranian diplomat of spying PDF Print E-mail
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Saturday, 07 July 2007 09:54
Cairo, Egypt (CNN) — An Iranian diplomat will be deported within two days after his arrest on suspicion of espionage, Egyptian authorities said Sunday.

“The state security prosecutor detained and questioned Iranian citizen Qassem Hosseini after the Foreign Ministry confirmed he is an Iranian diplomat,” said Aly Hassan, a judicial analyst affiliated with the justice ministry.

The prosecutor, Taher El Khouli, accused Hosseini of trying to organize spy rings in Egypt while working in the Iranian Embassy in Cairo as an undercover operative, Hassan said. Hosseini was arrested in his home, where officials found spying devices banned in Egypt, according to Hassan.

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